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It’s not the Destination…It’s the Journey.

Though I am still including Paleo-esqe like solutions to my diet, I decided to not be a purist—that’s why I changed this blog from a Paleo blog to a overall fitness blog so it can suit my lifestyle. Here I will focus on my workouts, diets, and thoughts I have along this journey. In 90 days I want to lose 20 lbs. Though losing 20lbs isn’t my Ultimate Goal Weight, it is my Half UGW ( I want to lose 40lbs all together.) 

With this being said, or written, let’s do this!

Time to get back on track!

The Reality of Health and Weight Loss: Easy Ways to Kill Cravings!


  • Turns out, when you eat junk food, something in your brain tells you to eat more than your body needs. So stay away from large amounts of fast food/foods high in saturated fats or sodium! Just by eating healthier, your cravings will begin to become easier to manage.
  • Keep healthy food available…

I’ve been a bit bad.

During my challenge I was strict on myself, my eating habits, and my workouts.  However, for the past few days I’ve been stuffing my face. So, I need to gain control again. Exercise isn’t the problem, it’s what I am eating. But you know what they say: “your body is a reflection of 20% what you do in the gym and 80% what you do in the kitchen.” So yep, I am owning up to my mistakes and moving forward :D

90 to 55 in 365 days: Reblog if you're a weight loss blog that's 18+






This! I tend to only follow back people who are at least 16+ (or if I can’t tell — I don’t go looking for your age; it’s more can I relate to the content of what you post?) because…

Cheat Day

UHHHG. I am at work and I feel so siiiick. I shared ice cream with my friend and now I feel like throwing up. :( 

I can’t wait to get off work so I can beat myself up at the gym.

HEALTHY weight loss blogs reblog this. My dash is so DEAD.

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30 Day Paleo Solution Challenge

Though going through with this diet/solution was challenging, it was worth it. I lost a total of 8lbs while getting stronger as well! So I have a choice: either go back to my old ways or continue on. I feel that I will make some adjustments to the Paleo Solution, but I will still stay away from grains and sugars (I think I will include dairy, in moderation, from time to time). All in all, I am glad that I tried out the Paleo Solution :D 

Day 30 September 21, 2011

I am glad that I was able to stick it out for 30 days. Breakfast I had fruit and nuts; for lunch I had chicken and salad with a hot dog; dinner consisted of chicken and turkey with salad and steaming vegetables. I had tea and a plum for dessert. For exercise I did over a half an hour on the elliptical. After that I lifted with Ozzy. I forgot what his program is called, but today was a “B” day. We did squats with the olympic bar and I squatted 170lbs. Then presses and I did 75lbs. We did cleans and I was cleaning 95 lbs easily so for my last set I was able to clean 115. I can tell I got way stronger! That’s the most I ever cleaned! Even when I was wrestling, I could only clean 105 lbs max. So I am really proud of myself. After teh cleans, we did dips—I still have to do modified ones, but I was able to do one perfect dip. Then we went on the Roman Chair (I called it the Roman Horse, haha) and did the 21/15/9 ab workout. I was very proud of my workout. I also weighed in at 186! So that means over these 30 days, I lost 8 lbs, while also gaining a lot more strength! YAY!  

Day 29 September 20, 2011

Day 29 was  my birthday and thought it was hard to not eat cake, I did it. I really want to finish off strong. For exercise I did Jiu-jitsu.